Black lives matter, Together as Club Members, here's how we can help

Honestly, I've been finding it hard to put my thoughts on the death of George Floyd into words. This doesn't feel like a stranger died, it feels like the loss of a family member, it's scaring our hearts.

Each day I've thought I was ready to write a post for our Instagram, I would start typing and then get angry, and then get sad, and then have to come off of Instagram completely to stop myself from bursting into tears.


What gives another human so much hate towards someone they don't know, Someone that has not done anything wrong to them or their loved ones?

I will never understand the mind of a racist.

My Raw feelings:
  • Angry
  • Frustrated 
  • Heart broken
  • Disappointed
  • Scared 
  • Tired!
We are NOT here to be used & abused
We are NOT a Fetish 
We are NOT Staying silent!
We are people, We are human & We deserve to live!
Just as much as the next person.

The fact that the people in power and police officers make up the majority of racist makes us all feel so hopeless. The exact people that are suppose to be protecting us are the ones that are hurting and killing our people.

It has been so nice to see people of all races from all around the world join in with us and help us fight against racism, this is what we need to get us a step closer to being treated like humans.

The only way to fight against the law is as a collective, and its beginning to work. The officer in question went from being suspended, to being charged - which is not enough, but it is a step, and this step happened because we all came together and got vocal! (usually police officers that kill black people do not get charged and are found innocent)

This is what your posting on social media does:

1. It educates people on how bad racism is - some people think racism doesn't exist any more because there are more successful black people in the world & because they don't see black hate on a day to day basis.

2. It can change the opinion of a work colleague, a school friend that has been raised with racist opinions.

3. It puts pressure on the government and legal system to be more fair.

4. It shows people that have been getting away with being a racist, that there is consequences, and if they get found it, it could be their name and face being hated by the world next.

 Trump is waiting for this to die down and blow over, lets keep on going, putting the pressure on the people at the top and show them this will not die down or blow over until changes are made and justice is served!


What I am going to do as an individual:

1. I am going to be more conscious about where I spend my money, and make sure I am spending on black owned businesses even if it is slightly more expensive or harder to facilitate.- Why because unfortunately Money = Power and ethnic minorities need to become more wealthy and more educated in order to be in positions where we can make a huge change, and build up our community.  

What Bad Society Club are going to do as a business:

We have an idea, which we are unsure wether our supporters will like or not.

We have a slogan crop top line being launched in a few weeks and we was thinking to add 1 additional crop top with our own special 'Black Lives Matter Quote" and EVERY SINGLE PENNY will be donated to a charity that we all choose Together on our Instagram.

Does this sound like a good idea? or does this come across as trying to capitalise off the situation, because that is the LAST thing we would want to do.

Comment below or DM us your opinion on this, we really are unsure wether this will be taken in a positive or negative light.

There are several ways that people can help the families suffering due to tragic loss, & the black protestors needing bail. The  links below are some of the places we are currently donating our own money, and you can donate too.
We are stronger together not divided. 
Chicgo Bail Out Fund
Nashville Bail Fund

Bay Area Bail Out Fund
Bad Society Club.

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