The Launch

Bad Society Club was created for strong, sexy women that are looking for stand out pieces for when they want to shine at an event (which is 99% of the time.)

The name was inspired by myself and my life experiences. When I put a outfit togther I always make sure its High Fashion but sexy and event appropriate all at the same time. I find, with my dress sense I always get mixed reactions when im out In society. 80%-90% of people think I look amazing but theres always the small 10%-20% that stare with daggering looks thinkig I'm 'dressed too reaviling'

I love dressing this way, but sometimes when I am going to high end resturants and events I find myself thinking 'Should I just tone it down a bit tonight and blend in a bit more to avoid the akward stares?'

And then I remember who TF I AM! A strong women that was blessed with confidence, beauty and an amazing figure! Don't ever dim your light to match other people dullness, because truth is, they probably are staring out of envy of your looks, figure, confidence, if not all 3!

BAD SOCIETY SUMS THAT UP- It's a mood, It's a aura, It's a New Gen Society Club of confident boss women!

This is what our brand represents, This is what I design for & This is the type of customer I want to attract to this brand.

Sounds like you? JOIN THE CLUB

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  • Jasandra Pegues

    Hello, everything you said describes me. Especially at one point I wasn’t confident in my body until I had my daughter. I had to learn to love my new body and stop trying to hide it with the things I wear. I started taking pictures and posting them eventually. I stepped out of my comfort zone and have been loving it ever since.

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