The Sex Magnet Jumpsuit Explained

Sex Magnet was one of my favourite pieces to create, there are so may features to this jumpsuit, I feel like it is a high spec car.

Let's start with th fabric:

  • This jumpsuit is designed for winter and spring, the fabric is soft, warm, luxurious and breathable. It's perfect for resturant and event settings.
  • The neckline has the perfect plunge, it fits so you do not need to wear a bra, and is perfectly placed so most females will not need body tape to secure it either.
  • The 2 tone pannels give this jumpsuit so much dimention, I cut the fabric in an illusion shape to snatch your waist in tight so every female feels tiny in this jumpsuit.
  • Custom Logo Zipper: The zipper had to be customized, not only does it elevated the jumspuit, but the logo allows people to feel apart of our brand and society when they wear this piece.
  • The sleeves we're added to keep you warm so you can go from the venue to your car without needing a jacket, it also protects you from any cold air conditioning inside the venue that my make you cold.
  • The back: I kept the back flatering, it covers any back rolls you may or may not have, and gives you the ability to wear a bra if needed.
  • The butt: The butt area is ruched down the center, this effect not only makes your butt look bigger but it also ensures every customer has the peach butt, instead of a squashed flat butt.

I've loved jumpsuits for years and it was important to me to create the best jumpsuit i've ever seen or worn.

bad society club sex magnet jumpsuit zipper


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