Creating Season 2

First Of All THANK YOUUU for the support on Season 1.

Season 1 was seen on Saweetie, Winnie Harlow, Jayda Cheaves, Mabel, Steff London, Tammy Hembrow, Tommie, Ms Banks, Ivorian Doll.

What an achievement!

I always design for myself, because I feel like me and my Society Club Members are all a similar type of women, we're confident, sexy and want the clothes that we wear to reflect our confidence and enhance our assets!

I only produce items that I can't wait to wear! As soon as season 2 samples were shipped to me I was tracking that parcel night and day, excited for the clothes to land and when that buzzer went off Monday morning I jumped up like a kid on Christmas day, I'm OBSESSED with my designs and I can't wait to see your feedback because I know you will be too. 

Season 2 is a spin off of Season 1...

Why??...... Well....

1. The Corset Set Was made with light weight fabric that was perfect for summer weather, but I thought It was only right to make a new version with fabric perfect for fall and winter. So I Made Our TRACKSETS

2. I  LOVE the contour jumpsuit, I wear it ALL the time (I think it is the best jumpsuit to ever exist) and judging by how many different colors of the contour jumpsuit I see you ladies buy I can tell we all just need another version that is similar but a little different- right!- So I Made Our LACE UP JUMPSUIT

3. ICY SETS- We needed a new set, something SEXY but perfect for indoor and outdoor events! You guys loved our icy tank tops and dresses, so I wanted to incorporate that design and make something for the colder months.

I needed a thick high quality fabric, for you ladies  that gave more stretch than the corset sets, it took me a while to find that fabric, I finally found a small fabric maker in italy that had the perfect thickness and stretch! An Addition to the icy collection was made 

4. And of course our LYCRA SETS incorporated our signature contouring!

I love designing for us club members it is the part of this job that I love the most.

I will start to roll out Season 3 In March And Give You Ladies The SEXY SUMMER VIBES your wardrobe needs!

@BADSOCIETYCLUB is still not even 1 years old!! We're Making HUGE MOVES And I'm SO HAPPY YOUR A CLUB MEMBER!! Xxxx

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